The best Kindle: Reviews and buying advice!

The best Kindle: Reviews and buying advice

What is the Amazon Kindle (2019)

Amazon’s latest Kindle, now in its 10th generation, is the new entry-level model in the range. It will appeal if you don’t want to spend big on the Kindle Oasis or Kindle Paperwhite.

With that said, it costs more than the 2016 model at launch, but you’re getting a new front light. The absence of lighting was our chief complaint of the previous Amazon Kindle, and its inclusion now means you can read e-books whenever, and wherever, you want.

While its specifications might not have been bumped up elsewhere (it still has the lowest resolution display of all the Kindle e-readers), its convenient form factor, strong library and new front light make it a great choice for anyone looking to move to e-books.

The best Kindle: Reviews and buying advice

Amazon Kindle Ratings & Features

Amazon hasn’t made any big changes to the new Kindle’s design. In fact, it was only after a glance at the official measurements did some differences become apparent. It’s actually gotten smaller, losing 2mm in width (down to 113mm) and a barely noticeable 0.4mm off its thickness (down to 8.7mm).

It means the Kindle is even more pocket-friendly – although, admittedly, we’re talking about a back or coat pocket here. For someone like me, even that slight reduction in size makes a big difference. It means I can now quickly whip it out from my jacket to get in a few pages of reading while waiting for a train; I’d be far less inclined to bother if it were in my bag.

The best Kindle: Reviews and buying advice

But while the Kindle has lost some size, the addition of the front light has added some weight. At 174g (up from 161g), it’s still far from heavy; in fact, it’s still comfortably lighter than the Kindle Paperwhite (191g) and Kindle Oasis (194g).

Unlike the pricier Paperwhite, the 2019 Kindle is available in a choice of either black or white finishes. I prefer the black of the review model, since it is likely to appear less grubby over time.

The Kindle feels nice in your hand, with the weight evenly distributed – a trait that’s more important than you might initially think. I’ve still got an original Kindle (one that included a physical keyboard), ironically gathering dust on my bookshelf. That model now feels far more tiring and awkward to hold for longer reading sessions.

The best Kindle: Reviews and buying advice

Kindle Paperwhite battery life and connectivity

As I mentioned earlier a key advantage of a dedicated eReader is the long battery life. Amazon claims that a single charge will last up to six weeks, and charges via USB in around four hours. That battery life claim is based on half an hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 10. Battery life will vary based on light and wireless usage and - reader - it does.

I found that I had to charge it around once every 10 days. In once case, after a week. I commute for two hours every day and read for most of that, and I tend to read for half an hour or so in the evening. The backlight is on at least once a day, and I never got around to switching off the wireless. All of these things will have legitimately hurt the battery life, but they are also part and parcel of using a well-loved device.

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Purchasing one of Amazon’s less expensive Kindles could mean missing out on important features that could make the time you spend reading more pleasurable. But that doesn’t mean the most-expensive Kindle is the right choice: Don’t pay for features you won’t use.

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